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If you live and work in the Columbus area, chances are there will be a time you need emergency care services. When this happens, count on Urgent Care Columbus Ohio to take care of you and give you the quality service you deserve. When emergencies or illness strike, you need fast access to medical care and Urgent Care centers are equipped to handle accidents, illnesses, emergencies and events of all sorts.

Columbus Ohio Urgent Care Centers

With Columbus Urgent Care, calling ahead to let the staff know you are on your way is a smart way to ensure you get the care you need quickly. For example, a woman in labor can call ahead and let the medical staff know she is heading in to deliver a baby. With that one call, the patient has alerted to staff to ready a labor and delivery room, pull her medical records, call her primary care giver if necessary, and give the patient directions on where to park, check in and what to expect as she enters the facility.

Additionally, if there was a location closer to the caller than where the caller reports they are headed or a neighboring facility is better equipped to handle a caller's emergency, care center operators can direct the patient to go to that location. Once they are abreast of your situation, operators can call or page medical experts and specialist and let them know where they need to meet you for treatment. This saves you time and minutes matter when dealing with medical emergencies. Getting the most accurate information about where to go for your issue or situation is another smart reason to call ahead and let the care center know you are on the way.

Emergencies and illness often strike at inopportune times and can be extremely difficult and stressful to deal with. Relieve some of the pressure inherent in these situations by calling ahead and letting emergency medical personal know your condition, that you are en route and to prepare for your arrival. With everyone prepared for you to check in and up to date on what you are there to be seen for, as soon as you arrive you can start getting the care you need. In medical emergencies, minutes matter and calling ahead may even help expedite life saving care. The next time you have an emergency, let Columbus Urgent Care know you are coming and see what a difference it makes in your treatment and patient experience.